Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yesterday's Trip

Yesterday was very strange. We made a trip up to Flagstaff and stopped at one of the local art supply stores. I managed to pick a few new gouache colors, but not much else. Seem's that paint is popular these days! I couldn't find any of the acrylic gels I was looking for and watercolor paper in the size I wanted was impossible to find. I guess I'm stuck ordering online as the nearest art supply store is in Sedona, over 20 miles away and Flagstaff is much farther!

I managed a little in the way of painting yesterday, but got nothing done in glass. It was just to dark to work once we got back. I can't wait to get the interior of the studio setup... I can work whenever I choose! My poor neighbors!

Today I managed to get some pieces for jewelry put together. I'm finding that, while I love making jewelry, I hate taking commisions for it. I also managed a few hours on the acrylic painting and I actually got some research done today as well. Not to mention posting here! I'm feeling pretty good about that. But I expect future postings here will drop to about once a week.

I am, after all, an artist with far to many media to squeeze into the pitance of time alloted me each day. The bead auction is up and will end Sunday. I think we might be posting a few more beads up tomorrow for 3 day, but we'll have to see how much time Mike can squeeze out of his pitance for glass.


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