Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tripping to Flagstaff

It's looking like we'll be heading up to Flagstaff once again today. Not really looking forward to it, as it looks to be snowing up there today. At least I'll be able to hit the art supply!

We've finally gotten some rain! YEAH! It's been uber dry here this winter and any moisture at all is a good thing! Not much else going on at the moment... Mike has been busy getting our room painted... Now on to the rest of the house! I will never remodel again! It's taking far more time, money and energy than I thought it would. At least the house will look lovely when it's finally finished! And I can't wait for it to be finished!

The studio is almost ready for occupation... I've gotten all the fiber art supplies stashed and figured out a canvas storage system. Now we just need to get the kiln vent installed and we'll be good to go... I hate having the kiln on the patio, but it's the only safe place at the moment.


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