Friday, November 10, 2006

Nothing more than...

Fall colors have finally started to show up around here. I thought we'd go straight to leaves dropping, but luckily there are some great colors to be seen this year; particularly in the Oak Creek Canyon area. Perhaps we'll get over that way with the camera before winter.

Sorry about not posting in the past few weeks. We're trying to get ready for the holidays and the house isn't going along with our plans. Mike took a bit of a tumble and bruised up his wrist and I've been a little ill lately. Not great things when you want nothing more than to play with new ideas at the torch! :0)

The new setup for the torch is working out and it's much, much better than our old setup. I can work whenever I get the urge now without having to go outside or put on 5 layers of clothes. There was nothing I hated more than winter when the studio was outside in the shed and the snow would begin to fall.

We're putting aside much more time lately for bead making so don't forget to check out our eBay auctions!