Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to it...

Mike made a few sets to go up on eBay, I'll be listing them today. I've also managed to get the yarns stowed with minimal fuss... Considering I have over 100 pounds of yarn, I think things went fairly well, although we're precious short of storage space now! Thanks be that we'd already figured out paper and canvas storage!

The 16"x20" painting's almost finished, I've gotten several pieces of commission work done and I've completed a weaving. Not bad for a busy weekend when we're also trying to get the house in some order. Construction and remodeling are far more distracting than I thought they would be. I also learned that painting moulding and trim isn't for the faint of heart. Give me a canvas anyday of the week!

We're working on another storage solution for our glass. What we've got now just isn't going to work in the new studio. My frits keep disappearing and reappearing! I never know if Mike's moved them or if they just needed some exercise and will be back after a quick walk. :0)

That's it for now, my friends, but I'll post again before the week is up!


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