Friday, January 13, 2006

Lazy Days

Mike and I have been fairly lazy the last few days... Mike opted to grocery shop over making beads. I guess he'd like to eat every once in a while. I've managed to get some painting done, but nothing in glass for the last few days. Mike has a few days off from "work", so I expect that there will be more sets up on Tuesday.

I'm still doing research for an upcoming project and seem to have hit a stumbling block. The information I need feels like it's gotten run over on the "information super highway". Oh, the price of having so much at your fingertips. It's either far to easy to find, or far to hard and no middle ground betwixt the two.

I'm hoping to get my yarns put away over the next few days. I hate having to dig in a box for them. I've got plenty of storage for them in the new studio, it was just a matter of getting liners and cedar strips. Now I just need to figure out how to organize them for optimal space and easy finding!


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