Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All's well

There really isn't much going on in the Blue Spider Arts world at the moment. I'm itching to get at my glass and torch, but there are other things that need to come first at the moment.

We've gotten one room finished in the new house, but I can't show pictures. It's the room where I've got my big commission and I agreed that I wouldn't show any part of the progress until after it's been delivered. Which should be sometime in Feb... Artist Susan Holt will be painting a mural in my new room. To see more of her work take a trip over to

Mike and I are working on the North studio today. Nothing like taking one room at a time to drive me nuts. I'm itching to get everything into a place of it's own so I can find what I need! My looms are wanting to play, also....

I wonder if I'll ever manage to weave glass someday.... :0)


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