Friday, September 29, 2006

Not much going on

Well, the past month has been very busy, but not much to talk about. The north studio is coming along and I picked up some lighting that will be fabulous for it today. The glass works is being transfered to the garage area. The solarium is something we want to be able to use as a room, so out to the garage we go to work. :0)

Mike's been very busy painting one of the bedrooms and hasn't had alot of time to do much else. I've listed a few aceo's on Esty for anyone interested in taking a look. You can search from the front page search box by typing in "BSA". I only sell the original's on the aceo', so you're getting a great deal on collectable original art. I should have a few more up before to much longer, but I hesitate to say exactly when I'll get around to listing it! :0) I've also got a few "art squared" pieces that I should list, but time seems at a premium these days.

With that I need to get back to work...

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