Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Year

Mike has finally gotten the studio quasi-setup, at least enough to work in comfort. I celebrated my birthday playing at the torch. :0) YEAH! We've gotten some of the new CIM glass in pinks in that I still can't wait to try out. I'm hoping that they're fabulous, but pink is such a tricky color that you can never tell what it'll do once you flame it.

My little experiment with my auction didn't quite go the way I'd planned. I remembered working in the fashion industry having to work a season or two ahead and thought, perhaps jewelry designers would appreciate the spring set I put up this last week. Maybe I got a little carried away and should go back to the winter colors. :0)

I'm hoping that Mike's up coming days off from his "regular" job afford him time to torch. I think I'll just have to push him into the studio and lock the door until he gets a few sets done. ;0)


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