Sunday, February 05, 2006

New beads up/ACEO's available

Mike's been a busy boy this week... I've got new beads listed on our gallery site for those interested on what will be going up this week on eBay. 3 sets in all scheduled for Tuesday at this time. Of course, y'all get first crack at them.

If I had my way "Lemon Zest" and "Rememberance" would be staying here. Oh, well... I hope they go to good homes, because Mike won't let me keep them! You lucky bidders, you!

After many, many requests we've changed some of the info available on our bead auctions. We're now listing mandrel size and Artist along with strand length and bead sizes. I hope this helps out all you jeweler's who requested it!

We're now making ACEO's available on eBay. I've got "Half-Hearted" listed right now, so if you're interested feel free to wander on over to our eBay pages and take a look.


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