Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Mike!

Well, Mike's birthday has rolled around once again... Happy Birthday! He's a whopping *7 years old today! No, he won't let me put the first part of his age up, sorry. :0)

I'll be listing items tomorrow in the first theme week for the SFA group. The theme isn't really a theme, but a size. All 5 x 7 inch works are the theme to get us started this week. Small Format Art is great if you like wonderful works of art that will fit any lifestyle or budget. Please check it out by typing in "SFA theme week" in the eBay search box. The starting bid on all SFA theme week works is only $9.99!

Just think, you can own an original piece of art by a living artist! If you think you know nothing about art, well neither do most artists! They do what they love. Don't be intimidated by venturing into the world of art purchasing! You can't go wrong picking out something you love. That's what counts....


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