Monday, February 04, 2008

Beady, Baby!

Ok, so I didn't get back before I thought I would. I popped out to play on the torch and lost a few hours that I was going to use for listing beads and getting shipping stuff together. At least I made it back on tonight. It's past the baby's dinner time and poor Mike is dealing with him right now.

Here's the Delite set. I was goofing off with the turq. a lot last week. It's a reactionary glass and I love trying to see what I can get it to do. Not much with this set, but I love the color combo.

Now, I got all kinds of cool things to happen with this! I used Italian glass in Dk. Turquoise and clear, the rest just sorta happened. These you should check out on eBay. I've got larger pics up. I had a lot of fun making these, because I never knew which was going to show up, the shiny copper or the rusty red! Oh, what fun!

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