Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ha! Made it back before a week was up!

I managed to get a little time to pop in and give you a scoop.

Mike's heading out to torch as I write this and we'll have his beads up tomorrow! OMG, you say? Yes, I'll probably get back here tomorrow also! Three posts in one week? Yup, that's right, ladies and gentleman, the world has gone whacky when I get time to post more than once a week!

Now if I can only get some torch time myself! I'm thinking about doing something different with our beads. I think I'll start taking photos with them next to a dime or in my hand. There seem to be a lot of lampwork artists out there who do that and I've had more than one request for it. I also thought some of you might like to know exactly how big a bead strand you're getting! If you have an opinion either way, please drop me a line, our email's just a click away on the side over there----->

As many of you know, I like to make very, very, very small beads so small that Mike's look huge compared to mine. But the fact remains that even Mike's beads are small compared to most "standard" size lampwork. I'm just plain itching to try some larger beads and different techniques to offer for sale! Ah well, maybe I'll get a shot at the torch next week! :0)


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