Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We're Back!!!!

We had a lovely time of it! It rained buckets and I loved every minute of it. I really fell in love with the area and Mike and I are considering purchasing some land there. I managed to get some interesting photo's while I was there. I'll have some of them up on next months "revolving" front page of the website.

Our hosts were the very best and the trip was a fabulous success. We enjoyed every minute we were there. Everything went fab and I've had a few more requests to teach while we were away. Sadly, we had to turn some down. We like making beads and teaching eats at our bead making time.

Tahoe was a no go this trip as we've both had our fill of snow for the year. We detoured instead to Laughlin, Nv. and had a ball throwing money at the one armed bandits. We even managed to walk away with some! :0)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!


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